What liability does the director of a company have in the commercial area?

Gregorio De la Morena.

Director – partner of DLM INSOLVIA and founder partner of the office of De la Morena Abogados.

Know in this Guide what liability managers at the forefront of companies have

The role of the managers of a company is essential to ensure the normal operation of the company in order to preserve its equity and support its proper present and future development.

The multiple decisions that a company takes throughout its business life requires knowing what its obligations and responsibilities are, both individually, in the case of the director, and collectively, as a company.

The Capital Companies Act specifies the types of actions arising from the liability of the director: corporate liability action of the director, individual liability action and joint and several liability of it.

Therefore, the purpose of this guide is to specify:

  • The liability of the director of a company
  • Demarcate in which areas this liability exists
  • Which court has jurisdiction
  • What is the ruling of the Courts in this regard
  • What case law is there on this matter

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