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Corporate Law

A company does a high volume of market transactions, and therefore, it requires legal advice that meets its needs and demands.

Corporate development has created the need for businesses to adapt to the new legal and social changes. The constant legislation modifications have turned companies into being more cautious in having the legal advice that meets these new changes, and contingency plans that might arise at a company.

We, at De la Morena Abogados, provide legal advice throughout a company´s existence, from its incorporation to its liquidation, in all legal aspects related to it.

We provide specialized services, personalized, for all matters related to the incorporation and liquidation, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, increase and decrease of capital, agreements among partners, General Meeting attendance, and modifications to the Bylaws.

Advice on Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

Reorganization of business groups, non-monetary contributions, transfer of assets and liabilities, registered address international transfer.

Risk capital investments, joint-ventures, public takeover bids.

Report generation, stock repayment, reserve funds, and repurchase and cancellation of shares.

Drafting and modification of statutory regulations.

Volunteer representation; representation termination; agreement drafting.

Modifications to Corporate Bylaws.

«Quality of service, transparency and professionalism are the values that define the Law Firm De la Morena Abogados»

María Quintana (Businesswoman)

«De la Morena Abogados is a trustworthy Law Firm, the lawyers listen to the context and adapt their advice to the legal needs of your business»

Pedro Martínez (Director of Legal Advice)