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Bankruptcy Law

In times of crisis, a company needs to rely on a team of expert lawyers specialized in bankruptcy and insolvency situations.

These difficult times often have a serious impact on the company, as well as its employees, suppliers, and clients.

Therefore, in case your company is declared insolvent, you need to contact an expert lawyer in the Bankruptcy Law field.

We, at De la Morena Abogados, are perfectly aware of a company’s needs under bankruptcy proceedings. Our law firm provides legal advice on corporate restructuring and debt reconciliation, pre-insolvency, debt collection, and administrator liability.

Through prior research, we determine the most suitable scheme of debt reconciliation for your company, analyze the type of affected debt, and define the process objectives.

When debt reconciliation is necessary according to our expertise, our team of experts takes part of the negotiation of stand-still agreements aiming for new funding sources, liquidation of assets, and swaps.

Pre-bankruptcy proceedings legal advice and filing services.

Drafting of agreements, regulation filings, downsizing plans, asset liquidation advice, and grading and sale of production units.

We analyze the debtor´s solvency situation from the creditor´s point of view, in order to determine the recovery of credits directly or indirectly (piercing the corporate veil), to come to an equal credit return or something near the nominal amount.

We identify and analyze potential liabilities (corporate, tax, labor and criminal) of the administrators, officials, and representatives of insolvent or near to being insolvent companies, particularly liability related to bankruptcy proceedings.

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María Quintana (Businesswoman)

«De la Morena Abogados is a trustworthy Law Firm, the lawyers listen to the context and adapt their advice to the legal needs of your business»

Pedro Martínez (Director of Legal Advice)